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McKenzie Collins

Podcast host, digital media guru, fitness trainer, content creator & overall doer of too many things for her own good. 

McKenzie, less formerly known as Kenzie, is the feistier of the duo at What the Gap podcast. Not only does she consider herself an independent hard-working woman, she has the resumé to prove it. Kenzie is the driver behind her own freelance digital media marketing business, and practices just about every shred of self development she preaches on her own platform, Currently Loving, founded in 2011. With dreams of one day hosting her own fitness & lifestyle retreat, Kenzie brings to What the Gap Podcast ample inspiration for healthy & holistic living, a knack for self discipline & determination, and of course, a rebuttal to every phrase that leaves AJ's mouth. Did we mention she's only 21? Some call her naive. Others call her fearless. We know her as Kenzie.

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Adrian Jackson

Podcast host, digital creative, amateur yogi and "the more relatable one." 

Don't be fooled by the suave acronym that follows his name: Adrian Jackson (or AJ) is more commonly known to listeners as What the Gap's resident snail. Although it's a reality that proves aggravating for fellow co-host, Kenzie, there are countless perks to his slower nature. AJ brings a likability, patience and cookie dough softness to What the Gap as he does to all areas of his life, including but not limited to: his own ventures in digital marketing & design, his morning yoga routine and passionate photography sessions. Although AJ regularly falls victim to Kenzie's confrontation or alternately, his own jumble of words, he really is the sentimental and selfless glue that holds What the Gap Podcast together. He may be 29, but his favourite yoga position (child's pose) is far more telling of this no-bullshit, (almost) always-charming co-host.


What the Gap Podcast

Relationships, lifestyle

& mindset podcast.

Launched in just 2019, What the Gap Podcast is a lifestyle, mindset and relationship podcast, that desires to shed light on the reality of growing up as a young couple in the 21st century. Hosts, Adrian Jackson & McKenzie Collins (A.J. & Kenzie) share their honest and non-linear journeys as they strive to become their best selves, and to foster their most fulfilling lives.


Each episode contains raw conversations documenting their ups and downs, the times they agree and don't, the lessons they've learned and those they continue to re-learn. WTG intends to empower listeners with a sense of community, offering universality to the hardships (or even the minor blunders) we all face. A.J. & Kenzie extend a voice for things we all do and encounter, but rarely discuss on a public platform.


The aim is that listeners will leave with less judgement for others, and for themselves. Not with the drive to copy their neighbour's journey, but with the motivation and insight to carefully cultivate their own.

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